Tele Geto Project at the Portman Gallery

Tele Geto is coming to the Portman Gallery in Morpeth School in July and October 2010. Tele Geto was created by Ti Moun Rezistans of the Grand Rue area in Port-au-Prince during the Ghetto Biennale. In light of the lack of video news coming from the ground in Haiti after the earthquake I sent a basic video recording kit so that the children of the Grand Rue could document life there after the quake. These films will be shown at the gallery between the 15th and 20th of July along with sculptures made in workshops with Andre Eugene  (Atis Rezistans) by a ‘mirror-group’ of students from Morpeth School. These students will also be given the same kit as the kids from Grand Rue to make videos about their own lives in the East End. Pedro Lasch will be doing video and ‘naturalization’ workshops with the Morpeth School kids during the first show. The videos will be shared with the Ti Moun kids over the internet. A second show will take place in October.

Here are some stills from the videos made by Tele Geto:










Destroyed Building in Grand Rue

Plaza Jeremie Camp

Women's food line outside Hotel Oloffson

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