Recent Podcasts and Review

I’ve recently had the good fortune to have been interviewed on two excellent podcasts. The first was with the blogger Meta-Nomad on his fringe philosophy and esotericist podcast Hermitix where I speak about Bataille, the Bwa Kayiman ceremony, zombies, Mark Fisher and Nick Land. The second was with Ryan Peverly for his Occulture podcast where we discuss Bataille’s philosophy of horror, the racial configuration of the zombie figure and speculate about their implications for zombie apocalypse narratives.

Daniel Miller has written an excellent and provocative review of Undead Uprising  – Progress and The Voodoo Gods – at Social Matter. 

Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies Talk

On Thursday May 18 I will be giving a talk entitled ‘Chimerical Optics: Haiti, Colonialism and Voodoo Terror’ at the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies. More details can be found here. This will be a fully illustrated 2 hour talk using clips from several of the films discussed in Undead Uprising. It will take place at the legendary venue for all things underground and avant in London, the The Horse Hospital.

I have given an interview with Kat Ellinger about the upcoming talk over at Diabolique magazine. Special thanks to Kier-La Janisse, founder the of Miskatonic Institute, for this fabulous promotional trailer:

“In the Blood”: Zombis, Zombies and Race (I)

A recent thread on Nick Land’s singularly brilliant, and far too absorbing blog Outside In, one which penetrates quite deeply into the dark heart of the recently-monikered Reactosphere, has prompted me to clarify the titular terms of ‘Zombi Diaspora” in light of a certain vague discomfort I’ve been feeling about how the title may (or, more probably, may not) be being read.

Briefly summarizing the “Blood is their Argument” thread, a rather illustrious group of scientists associated with the so-called HDB (Human biodiversity) wing of the reactosphere came together last week at a special Edge event to discuss Napoleon Chagnon’s recently published Noble Savages: My Life Among Two Dangerous Tribes — the Yanomamo and the Anthropologists (2013). Chagnon is a veteran American anthropologist with a controversial reputation within the discipline, especially since the  publication of Patrick Tierny’s Darkness in El Dorado (2000) which accused him of exacerbating a measles epidemic amongst the Yanomamö people of the Amazon rain forest who he had been studying since the mid 1960’s. A fascinating and revealing documentary account of this story is José Padilha’s Secrets of the Tribe which includes the background to Tierny’s accusations against Chagnon and the latter’s defence. It can be seen here.

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