Zombie Complex Lecture

Zombie Complex

I’ll be giving a lecture about the Zombie Complex at Goldsmiths College on April 29th (details above). It’s a public event so all are welcome. There’s even a Facebook event.

And here’s the burb:

‘In its passage from Haitian folkloric myth-figure to a multivalent metaphor for ravenous, unthinking (in)humanity, the zombie figure has come to perform a vast range of allegorical and metaphorical functions, its meanings as diverse as a displaced person eking out a precarious existence at the biopolitical limits of late capitalist society, to the unfeeling advocates of free-market fundamentalism who allegedly oversee it. At the same time the Zombie Apocalypse narrative has become a metaphor for both climate change and its denial, insurrectionary trans-humanism and new forms of tele-mediated ‘drone’ labour. In this presentation I will trace the historical geneology of what I’m calling the Zombie Complex – a super-resilient, (in)human self-image and massively operational cultural meme, dead but persisting, on the brink of the ‘self’, ‘humanity’ and ‘civilization’, while oscillating between the seemingly antithetical poles of apocalyptic, sub-human savagery and progressive, mass mindlessness – from it’s origins in Haiti to the apocalypse of World War Z.’