This is a short post to correct a mis-attribution of a photo of André Eugène’s  ‘Badgi Pom Louko (Altar for Louko)’ (2011) to myself in Nadine Zeidler’s recent review of the biennale in Frieze. I took the photo but the work is very much Eugene’s (with contributions from Michel Lafleur, one of the tap tap sign painters). The photo is relatively high-res. The details are well-worth a closer look.

André Eugene and the Grand Rue Community on BBC News

Here is a great slide show and report from Grand Rue by BBC Radio 4’s today program.

Great to see Alex Louis in the background of one of the shots working away on a laptop.

And fantastic news that Eugene is planning to build a memorial to the earthquake with the bones of victims. It’s a brilliant idea. I think that will be a major and much needed work that will hopefully bring international attention to the hypocritical double-standards of the western corporate media’s approach to the permanent man-made catastrophe occurring in Haiti.  Continue reading “André Eugene and the Grand Rue Community on BBC News”