Conjuring Creativity #2 (Stockholm)

If anyone is in Stockholm this weekend, I will be speaking at the Conjuring Creativity conference about my ritual diagram work with Roberto N. Peyre. There are still ticket’s available here. It’s an amazing line-up that will include talks, performances and film screenings. See the schedule below.

W E E K E N D    S C H E D U L E

Friday – Opening Reception 6 -10pm

Viviana Druga – Return, Return, Return opening performance

Julia Adzuki – Ashes to Ashes

Kristian Olsson


10 am – 1pm   The future is the past is the future

Dr Jenny Butler – Confluences and Divergences: Where Folklore Meets Esotericism in the Work of WB Yeats and Æ

Helen Bremm – Leonora Carrington, Alchemy and an Ecocentric Model of Art Making

Dr Sasha Chaitow – Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού: Reshaping Hellenism without the Greeks

Dr Nina Kokkinen – Questioning the Seekers. Reflecting the Esoteric in Art from the late 19th Century to the Present

lunch 1-2 pm

2:30 – 4:30pm Contemporary Currents – practices for individual navigation

David Beth – Restoring Balance: Initiation and the Modern World

Dr Georgia Van Raalte – Babalon Theology in the Anthropocene

Jens Nässtrom – Paving the Road to Enlightenment with Your Own Corpse


5 – 7 pm Magickal Topographies

Dr Chris Giudice – The Battle Against Leviathan: Anarcho-Primitivist Dialectics and Klagesian Biocentrism as a Basis for a 21st Century Rewilding of Occultism

Dr John Cussans – Veve Kunigundis/Ponto for Banbha Mooira

8 – 11pm, evening performance

Dr Per Faxneld – The Tree of Sacrifice

(with Myling Ensemble)

Orryelle Defenestrate – Coagula

The Wooden Body



open from 10am

10:30 – 1pm

Intersections of Art and the Esoteric

Dr Cavan McLaughlin -Ecologies of Otherness

Dr Lila Moore – Technoetic Film Rites

Dr Moira Jean Sullivan – Maya Deren – The Artist as Magician: The Logic of Magic

lunch (1-2pm)


The Artist as Medium

Cecilia Germain – Salamandrium Revisited

Lisa Jeannin – Spagyria processes

Aron Birtalan – A Tear for the Devout to Fondle and Kiss

Freyja Eilíf Draumland – The Artist as a medium: Clairvoyant timeline drawings


5:30– 7:30pm short film screenings

Maria Joranko – Benevolent Bentonite

Patricia Brien/Su Fahy – Performing resistance: Magnoxia’s waters

Rieko Whitfield – Regenesis: An Opera Tentacular

Tom Bogaert – Pepsi, Cola, Water? (2015) Sun Ra in Egypt 1971

Una Hamilton Helle/Verity Birt – Deep England

NKK – magickal activist art collective (screening and presentation)


closing Gong Bath – Lisa Jeannin 8pm


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