Image: David Burrows, Detail of ‘Diagram of the Event Horizon of a Black Hole (following Susskind’s Holographic Theory): Blind Date Implosion’ (2018) combined with John Cussans’ Inter Generational Matrix (no date).

Diagram Research Group (DRG) – David Burrows, John Cussans, Dean Kenning and Mary Yacoob – are currently undertaking an online residency at Flat Time House (F T I-Io), the former home and studio of the artist John Latham, now his archive and a gallery space.

During the one month residency we will conduct four illustrated online discussions that explore our interests in diagrams in relation to Latham’s ideas about flat time, the unification of scientific and artistic bodies of knowledge and the primacy of time and event (rather than space and matter). 

Each session will be led by one member of the group and form part of an ongoing, illustrated online conversation, the documentation of which will be added each week to the Delta (Δ) Research Placement site.

In my session I will discuss Latham’s 20th century art-science convergence diagram in relation to a general shift in artistic consciousness from the 1950’s onwards from material object to temporal event; problems of temporal-historical consciousness within art, art history and art education; and parallels between Latham’s thought and practice and that of Alfred Korzybski, founder of General Semantics and author of Science and Sanity (1933).


DRG Event I: David Burrows
Dwelling Place for Thought/ Plane of the Least Event 

Available here.

DRG Event II: Mary Yacoob
Addressing Space-Time Diagrams, Kinetics, Notation, and Flat Time

Available here.

DRG Event III: John Cussans
The Librarian’s Outburst – Explosive Orality, Cosmic Consciousness and the Art Event/Event of Art

Available here.

DRG Event IV: Dean Kenning
Available from Friday 6 November
The Riddle of Time Diagram. Entropy, Value and the Social Function of Art

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