Art, Ecology and Science Fiction Talks in Stroud

Under the auspices of the recently incarnated Invisible College (Stroud) I will be introducing a series of talks about Art, Ecology and Science Fiction at SVA (Stroud Valley Arts) in June. The talks will continue on a monthly basis.

The first talk will be given by Agnès Villette on Saturday June 8th 2019 between  4 – 6 pm.

Asian Long Horn Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) from Agnès Villette’s ‘Alien of the Species’

Agnès will be speaking about her current project: Alien of the Species a photographic series about 12 invasive insects that have recently arrived in Europe. Contrasting interviews with entomologists and environmental humanities theorists, the project maps the complex entanglement of human / animal relationships within disrupted ecosystems subjected to global warming and mass migrations.

The introduction in our ecosystems of the Asiatic Hornet, Anoplophora, the Boxwood moth or the Palm tree Weevil opens complex narrations of global Capitalism, bio war and damaged ecologies where insects invite us to rethink the polarised relation of nature and culture. Building on the media coverage of the disappearance of insects, ‘Alien of the Species’ interrogates discrepancies between how the scientific and environmental humanities create narratives about the underlying interconnectedness of the world we share with insects.

The second talk on Saturday, June 29th 2019,  4 – 6 pm will be by Maggie ‘MER’ Roberts.


Maggie is a British artist who lives and works between London and Capetown. She is a founder member of the cyber-arts collective 0rphan Drift that worked with CCRU (Cybernetic Cultural Research Unit) in the late 90’s and early ‘00’s. Her work employs collage techniques across audio-visual, digital, sculptural and painterly mediums as a way of manifesting virtual frequencies that affect visible reality.  These frequencies – such as expanding cosmic, geological, biotechnical and cultural time scales; animal becomings; climate crisis as the violence of excess and luxury; ‘machine vision’ and communication currents in matter – she sees as catalysts for change.

Maggie will be talking about her current show Uncanny Valley, Difficult Kin at Aspex gallery in Portsmouth and her recent show (with Ranu Mukherjee) If AI were Cephalopod  at Telematic Gallery, San Francisco.

Both events are £5 on the door and Agnès and Maggie will be offering studio visits while they are in town.

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