Morphologies of Invisible Agents (26th April – 18th May)

Image by Hermione Spriggs

I’m very excited about the forthcoming show Morphologies of Invisible Agents that will take place at Space Studios in Hackney between the 26th April and 18th May. The show has been generated through a collaborative project led by Martin Holbraad (UCL) and David Burrows (Slade) that brings together anthropologists and artists with a shared interest in diagrams. I have been working with Kelly Fagan Robinson, an anthropologist working on disability, communication and applied public policy.

The exhibition will have a soft opening on Friday April 26th and a formal Private View on Thursday May 2nd between 6 and 9 pm. The participating artists are David Burrows, Lucy Cash, John Cussans, Melanie Jackson, Dean Kenning, Lucy A Sames and Hermione Spriggs. The participating anthropologists are Narges Ansari, Igor Cherstich, Martin Holbraad, Kelly Fagan Robinson, Julia Sauma, Kaya Uzel.

There is a program of scheduled public events, including presentations by myself and Dean Kenning on Saturday May 4th, when I will be presenting part 2 of my ‘BC Time-Slip/Cannibal Metaphysics’ lecture, the first half of which can be seen here. There will also be performances during the exhibition by AAS and Plastique Fantastique. Details forthcoming…

All events are free and open to the public.

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