More Zen

Here are some more statements gathered during the Ghetto Biennale. Many thanks to Joseph Constant for collecting these from the Lakou Cheri community and to Alex Louis for the translations.

  1. Yo te kenbe Nadege avek mari moun yo – I saw Nadege with her man
  1. Le’w kon’n fè mange tan kou’m wap gen mari – The better you cook, the more men you get
  1. Nataly toujou app rete rad nam men zanmi – Natalie’s always borrowing clothes from friends
  1. Yap pale nap travay – They’re talking, we’re working
  1. Yok poupè, nou pakapè yo – Everyone’s afraid, I’m not afraid
  1. Ti machoun’n a yon dola ou fé sòs – With one dollar we can make a sauce
  1. Se annepye ki pou ba wou enpotans twal kay – A centipede can teach you the importance of an old rag
  1. Mete dlo nam diven’w – Put some water on your fire
  1. Sigen paròl pyej gen repons dyan’m – Difficult questions need a firm answer
  1. Chak pen gen fomaj yo – Every bread has its own cheese
  1. Chodye frete pa bouyi pwa chèche – When you borrow a pan you shouldn’t cook dry beans
  1. Range bretèl soutyen’w – Fix your bra strap (Pull your socks up)
  1. Tou nouvo, tou dous – Everything new is sweet (in romance)
  1. Kòmanse rasi bay degoutans – When things start to get stale it’s disgusting
  1. Mat lot sou ou, bay militon’w koulè – There is a woman who is with another woman’s man, so you better give more colour to your vegetable stew
  1. Se nan chemen jenen yo kenbe chwal malen – It is embarrassing the way they keep difficult horses (in the traffic)
  1. Parol pa tach – Words are not spots (bad words don’t hurt you)
  1. Chat konnen rat konnen bayik mayi a rete la – Cats know, rats know the corn pot will stay here
  1. Lè ti poulet cho, se mafini kidèyè – When the little chickens are excited, the hawk is coming
  1. Kenbe you’ni kenbe tout – To keep one is to keep all
  1. Bat chen an tarin met li – You beat the dog and wait for the owner (everyone has someone on his back)
  1. Jan chat mache se pa konsal peche – The way cats walk is not the way they fish
  1. Koule chen an, se koule gren n li – The colour of the dog is the colour of his dick (The way you act is the way you are)
  1. Sak pa gen dan yap manje chan m chan – Those without teeth have to eat the corn starch (Poor people have to eat anything)
  1. Pale pale w ou paka fèm anyen – You can talk all you want, but you can’t do anything to me
  1. Ou fin dim nou ren men, e pi wap trip sou mwen – You told me that you loved me, then you start to play games with me
  1. Kiyès ou ye pou’w gen yon fan’m pou kow? – Who are you to have a woman by yourself? (No matter who you are, your woman probably has another man)
  1. Mennen koule lekòl se you’n fèl chita se 2 – Bringing a snake to school is one thing, making it sit down is another (You can change a person’s life but not their personality)
  1. Pagen pryé ki pa gen amen – Every prayer has an amen (Every problem has a solution).
  1. Labouyi mwen pat konnen si ou t esho – I didn’t know the porridge was so hot (You underestimated someone)

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