GB IV ZEN 17/12/15


Vive est obligatoir, mais grandir est un choix – Living is obligatory, but growing up is a choice

Pa bliyè onè ak respé – Don’t forget honour and respect
Gen moun ki sou tròp tablo nan Ghetto Biennale la! – Too many people in the Ghetto Biennale write that on their paintings
Ou tripotay vre kisa map chèche la? – Why are you looking for gossip here?
Se yon zen m’ap chèche menn wi saw di anko – Of course I’m looking for gossip, what about it?
Nan kasse pwa fen veye cheni – When you shell the beans watch out for the caterpillars.
La jounen an vwayaj penitans make jou – A bad journey marks your day.

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