Ayiti Foto Konbit

I was made aware of this project to create a refreshingly positive collection of images of Haiti made by young Haitians via a recent article by Alexandra Fuller on the National Geographic website:  ‘Showing Haiti on its Own Terms‘. The article itself gives a very clear “nutshell” overview Haitian history that is unusually free of outrage, sentimentalism or sensationalism. And many of the images are great too!


3 Replies to “Ayiti Foto Konbit”

  1. I too was drawn to the layout in National Geographic (Dec. 2015). i previously made a trip to Haiti in 2010 with a medical mission to Cape Haitien. Planning another trip late summer/early fall of 2016 to NW territory. It would be great to have a national Haitian taking photographs. I wonder who I need to talk to. In Kansas City – mrpkdevine@gmail.com

    1. Hi Patrick, have you tried contacting Ayiti Foto Konbit directly? They may be able to help you out. Good luck with that. John

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