Days 3 and 4

During the early negotiations about the painting for the tap tap it was proposed by Chevy that we should make the painting on vinyl so as not to damage the bonnet of Evel’s truck. The next day Michel and Joseph – the painters – suggested we make it on canvas so that after the biennale I can take the painting back to the UK. This is a brilliant solution. Alex printed off the new design he had made and the plan was to come back the next day to make the piece.

I arrived at the rue on Tuesday and painting began at about 9 o’clock. Here’s a sequence of stills from the process which I was also filming. The images are high-quality. If you double-click them you can see the detail.

Early stages. Drawing out the sign.

Michel begins the drawing

Joseph and Michel painting.

Joseph painting.

Sign painting almost done.

Finished sign.

The next day, after some confusion about where the canvas had been left, how it would be attached to the bonnet of Evel’s truck and the question of the sign for the front of the truck, Michel and Joseph arrived at Eugene’s yard with two signs on plastic they had made copying the lettering I had designed for the original Tele Geto postcard.

Today there is a memorial service and a procession to the cemetery for the members of the Grand Rue community who died during the earthquake. Eugene has proposed that Evel’s tap tap be used to lead the procession.

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