Financial Zombie Apocalypse

‘The frozen limbo-state of durable unsustainability is the new normal (which will last until it doesn’t). The pop cultural expression is zombie apocalypse, a shambling, undying state of endlessly prolonged decomposition.’ – Nick Land Suspended Animation (pt.3)

Here is a typically brilliant article on contemporary zombie economics by the inimitable Nick Land, the third of four on the theme of ‘durable unsustainability’ from his Urban Futures blog. Between 1987 and 2007 Nick Land journeyed further into the inhuman heart of cybercapitalist darkness than any being before or since. His terrifying and ruinously infectious philosophical writings from this period have recently been compiled by Urbanomic into a highly recommended collection entitled Fanged Noumena. A courageous and impressive editorial task indeed. Respect goes out to the editors Robin Mackay and Ray Brassier for this important and timely work.

And great to see Nick back at the sharp end of What is (Really) Going On again…

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