UK Health Minister slams Zombie Petitioners

In a recent exchange in the house of commons earlier this week Tory Health Minister Simon Burns accused his opposition spokesperson of  “joining the ranks of organizations like 38 Degrees who are frightening people and getting them almost zombie-like to send in emails”.

In an open letter which has receive over the 80,000 signatures 38 Degrees responded:

“Yesterday Health Minister Simon Burns compared 38 Degrees members to zombies – for emailing our own MPs about risks to the NHS!

Let’s stand together to show Mr Burns that we’re citizens, not zombies. If thousands of us sign an open letter standing up for our right to be heard, we can publish it as an advert in a national newspaper and deliver it to Mr Burns personally in his constituency.”

Citizens not Subjects: Zombie Protesters March on the Banks from Occupylsx, Halloween 2011

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