Haiti Pavilion at Venice

For the first time in its 116 year history the Venice Biennale has a Haiti pavilion. Other countries exhibiting for the first time are the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.

This is quite an achievement and very interesting given that the Ghetto Biennale of 2009 was staged as a ‘Salon De Refuses for the 21st Century’ and as a ‘Critique of the Biennale Circuit’.

The achievement seems to have been in large part due to the very hard work of Daniele Geminiani who has curated the Tau Cross formation ‘Death and Fertility’ pavilion which houses sculptures by Jean Hérard Celeur (aka Celeur), Andre Eugene and Jean Claude Sentillus, all of Atis Rezistans.

It’s great to see this project come to fruition. And it certainly will generate some food for thought regarding the forthcoming 2nd Ghetto Biennale and the philosophy underpinning it.

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