André Eugene and the Grand Rue Community on BBC News

Here is a great slide show and report from Grand Rue by BBC Radio 4’s today program.

Great to see Alex Louis in the background of one of the shots working away on a laptop.

And fantastic news that Eugene is planning to build a memorial to the earthquake with the bones of victims. It’s a brilliant idea. I think that will be a major and much needed work that will hopefully bring international attention to the hypocritical double-standards of the western corporate media’s approach to the permanent man-made catastrophe occurring in Haiti. It is very telling the way in which the BBC reporter addresses the proposal as if there is something morally reprehensible about it. “Isn’t this likely to upset many local people?’ What, more than the preventable and  unimaginable suffering the people of Haiti have experienced for the last twenty years and  the criminally negligent way that the billions of dollars raised by charitable donations from around the world remain largely ineffective and idle a year after the earthquake?

What is morally reprehensible is the western media’s refusal to challenge the structural violence being enacted on the people of Haiti and to condemn the failure of the joint forces of the US and the UN to do anything to relieve the suffering of the majority of Haitians and their deliberate refusal to endorse and facilitate the transfer of reconstructive political power back to the Haitian people themselves.

And I love Eugene’s response. “Someone say everything, and I’m not care”.

Go on Eugene!

Eugene Contemplating Earthquake Memorial

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