On this blog I will be discussing some of the the issues and ideas that emerge as we develop the conference project for the Ghetto Biennale that will take place in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in December 2009. In the pages section I have posted three essays/talks that I have written on the subject of Haiti, Vodou and their respresentations in Western popular and academic culture. I hope these will help to contextualise the texts and issues I address in the blog. Please feel free to comment on these or related issues.

2 Replies to “Welcome,”

  1. Re; Your library/archives. In my possession since 1979 is a proposal for filing medical records by unique skin profile and cutaneous surface cartography. We realized recently that this would not work for one of the visitors –I think his name was Nibo or something similar. We tried to file by spatial coordinates but we had no key for ambivalent locality. We look forward to any suggestions you may be able to provide at the Bienniale.

    1. Hi Legrace, sorry for the delayed reply. Just getting back into the blog after focusing my energies into lectures. Been reflecting on the text-textiles issues through the lens of Lacan’s Imaginary/Symbolic/Real.And it’s got
      me wondering if Jameson’s call for a cognitive mapping of the postmodern/globalized world-order offers a model that might enable ‘our’ reflections on contemporary art/theory to be materialised in some way during the Ghetto Biennale. (I say ‘our’ because I’m feeling a little lonely in my thoughts at the moment). Intuitively I am drawn to veves and flags and I feel that somehow they could be worked with/on in terms of a psycho-geography of the revolution in Haiti that brings the different systems into some kind of alignment. I feel that an artistic response to the panels at the conference would be more engaged and effective than a purely academic one. Looking forward to communicating more on this.

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