Talking Consumerism with Hermitix

In our latest conversation Hermitix and I take a broad general view of consumption/consumerism in the wake of Covid-19. In it we discuss the notion of ’empty-headed consumerism’; the concepts of mass culture and materialism; the history of planned obsolescence; the Frankfurt School critique of consumer culture; social conformity; conspicuous consumption; status/virtue signalling, Planet of the Humans; the corporate capitalist capture of cyberdelic flux in the 1970’s; and the conservative re-coding of digital society by Big Tech now.


Jasun Horsley Conversation #3

My third conversation with Jasun Horsley has been uploaded here. In it we discuss getting published, naming the beast, occult bureaucracy, constructed realities, reality break downs, Surrealism, authority figures, Philip K. Dick, critical art, Prisoner of Infinity, Vice of Kings, paranoid critical writing, pareidolia, sexual satanic conspiracy, Braziers Park, the Quakers, mental hospitals, history of therapeutic mental health care, Foucault, Marxist paranoia, the Cultural Marxism meme, Frankfurt School conspiracy theory and the Peterson/Zizek debate.

Atlakim Ceremony in Edinburgh

For anyone in or around Edinburgh this week I highly recommend attending this very special event at St. Cecilia’s Hall on Tuesday 25th February at 6 pm.

My colleague Alan Hunt, a Kwakwaka’wakw chief and carver, who worked with the late Beau Dick, will be performing an Atlakim Ceremony along with 12 members of the Alert Bay and Fort Rupert communities. The ceremony is a dance of the supernatural forest spirits usually performed during potlatches and winter dances. Traditionally, after four performances, the masks are ceremonially burned.

Steve Potlatch Fire 2
Burning Atlakim mask. Image courtesy of Steve Calvert.

In 2008 Beau Dick was the first artist in 50 years to perform this rite. He did so again in 2012. The set of Atlakim masks currenty on display in the Pine’s Eye exhibition at The Talbot Rice gallery, were intended to be burned at documenta14 in 2017.

Please do encourage your colleagues, friends and students to attend this event.

I wish I could be there too.

Steve Beau 1
Beau Dick carrying the potlatch copper Nunmgala during his Potlatch at ‘Namgis, Alert Bay, 2012. Image courtesy of Steve Calvert.

Mark Pilkington Talk (Stroud)

I will be hosting the fourth Art, Ecology and Science Fiction talk at SVA on Saturday November 23rd from 6 – 9 pm. Our guest will be the writer, publisher and musician Mark Pilkington, founder and editor of Strange Attractor press and the author of Mirage Men (2010). Mark will present an historical overview of psychotronic devices: “the radiant collision point of witchcraft, art and technology”.
Mark’s talk will be followed by a performance by Luminous Foundation, his collaboration with Urthona‘s Niel Mortimer.
 £5 on the door (or £8 for a joint ticket for the talk and performance).

Mark Pilkington Final

Vitalism and the Machine

Documentation of Dean Kenning‘s talk ‘Vitalism and the Machine’ at SVA on August 9th 2019, part of the Art, Ecology and Science Fiction series.

In the talk he discusses his kinetic sculpture works, social-body-mind maps, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s Roadside Picnic, Sci-Fi, Horror, the Soviet biochemist Alexander Oparin’s book What is Life?, Francois Jacob’s The Logic of Life, Descartes, animal automata, pain, Freud’s Beyond the Pleasure Principle, the death instinct, repetition compulsion, Jacques Lacan, Edgar Allan Poe’s The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar and melt movies.